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Ragnarok Journey: The newest addition to the Ragnarok Online saga! This guide wiki aims to introduce you to the various features and events in Ragnarok Journey.

Ragnarok Journey combines the familiar characters, monsters, and maps of Ragnarok Online with improved events, auto-hunting, and new play experiences-- all in the convenience of your web browser. Take Ragnarok with you wherever your journey leads, and leave the downloads at home!

Character Growth
VIP/Supreme LevelingQuestsIndividual DungeonJob SelectionMarriageElements
Gearing Up
CompositionCardsRefinementBoss DungeonWorld BossSeeking Treasure
ZenyCouponDiamondStar SoulCharmProsperity
ShopCouponGuild ShopRemoteCharmProsperity
GuildsWoEGuild DungeonGuild SkillsContributionGuild QuestGuild Shop
Individual Dungeon
Boss DungeonExperience DungeonStar Soul DungeonJob Training Center
Multi-Playing Events
Payon Auto PlayPyramid of CourageAbyss LakeBoss TempleOdin TempleSomatology LaboratoryTower of DeathKing of PvPWorld Map Auto PlayRvRGuild DungeonWoE
Investment to LevelInvestment to WingInvestment to Halo
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